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Beijing Howson Trade Co., Ltd. (TUOMAIFLY) Brand
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, the registered trademark of Beijing hollsson trading company in Europe is TUOMAIFLY., formerly known as a professional clothing company who has been involved in export for an earlier time. It has nearly 20 years of brilliant experience. Its customers and business context are all over North America and Europe. On the basis of absorbing outstanding elements from other countries, combined with its powerful processing and financial strength, the company gradually formed a complete industrial chain, especially in design and processing. In recent years in France and Italy to set up a completely independent design studio, the local partner for many years to help, accurately grasp the popular European elements, has gradually formed their own brand in the market influence, TUOMAIFLY has increasingly shown! In 2013, TUOMAIFLY in the domestic market, the domestic market of successful cooperation with a master hand's first small display, a number of famous brand. Made a lot of harvest in the two fields of ODM and self! Now, Hao Le Sen and TUOMAIFLY to greater scope to enter the domestic market, to create their own unique fashion

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