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The Dongbao international fashion city, which is built solely by the strong Dongbao group, is located in the leading position of Liuhua clothing trade circle.

Hall twentieth, main hall. The Guangzhou Railway Station, the provincial bus terminus, the city passenger terminal, the subway and the inner ring elevated only.

500 meters away, convenient geographical advantages make Dongbao fashion city become the most revaluation commercial base of Liuhua clothing trade circle.

Nearly thirty thousand square meters of Dongbao fashion city, with the same classic Korean wave, will be the most popular and competitive Dongbao fashion city.

One of the competing factors, more than 400 flagship luxury shops, more than 200 senior office buildings and advanced hardware and software facilities, and modernization.

Intelligent system, gorgeous overall layout, epoch-making level of service management, Dongbao fashion city has locked the collar of Guangzhou clothing trade circle.

Leading position.

At present, the whole clothing market is extremely upset because of the financial turmoil, which makes clothing merchants who want to survive on sale, only Dongbao city.

Field locked Korean wave, European and American boutique, with the development of Korean fashion, multi style style as a tenant steady forward business oriented and locked.

Victory. The Dongbao market is a leading dragon dance for the Liuhua clothing trade circle, though the clothing market is now in season.

Alternation and the impact of the Spring Festival are in the doldrums. Therefore, it is necessary to dance the pulse of Dongbao to create popularity.

Advertising coordination, preferential policies, admission and operation support measures and so on, and so on, we must first promote the series of promotion such as synchronous business, lottery and other activities.

We should start with the means, and at the initial stage, the price of investment and leasing should be balanced with the representative and symbolic Baima, Yi Ma and Hui Mei markets.

The company welcomes the corporate culture of "pragmatic, innovative and enterprising", and welcomes cooperation with the four seas clothing elite to create a better tomorrow.

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