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Zhengzhou Yi Xing Printing Co., Ltd. Brand
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                                  Zhengzhou Yi Hing Printing Company Limited is the predecessor of the Zhengzhou economic and Technological Development Zone color printing packing factory. Founded in 2004 November, my company with production department, QC department, finance department, warehousing department, marketing department, laboratory and other departments in 2006 April to carry out rectification, changed its name to Zhengzhou Yi Xing Printing Co. Ltd., the   operation and management company;.

company registered capital of 1500000, mainly engaged in plastic color printing packing production, processing, sales etc.. The company has from the film blowing, printing to the last bag one-stop production line. The company now has more than 80 employees, film blowing machine six sets, three sets of printing machines, 6 bag machine, professional production of various kinds of pe  and enhancement of PE, high and low voltage white bags, lined bags, handbags,   and a variety of color printing packing bag. In 2008 April, and increase the printing, composite, bag cutting line, the investment 5000000. So far, our company has a very stable source of customers, for example: Henan missing, Henan Yongda group, Zhengzhou China and the United States, Zhengzhou Yishengyuan Food Co. Ltd. Henan Ruixiang food factory, Zhengzhou City home and quick frozen food factory, Henan Cody group     etc..                                
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Addr:   Henan  Zhengzhou  Tube Su Zhuang Cun Nan Cao Xiang, Zhengzhou City