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    Jinhua city sai'ao diamond Co. Ltd is located in the famous international commodity distribution base -- Jindong Development Zone at the junction of Yiwu and Jinhua at the China. Is a set of diamond production, sales in one of the modern enterprise groups. Through constant technological innovation, and the introduction of advanced automated production equipment crystal electric, the company now has production very perfect diamond products process. Has since set up factories, has been committed to research and development of diamond production technology, the introduction of advanced production equipment, excellent production staff and production of high quality raw materials. Has now developed a set of perfect diamond production technology, strive to better products, our company has established R & D team, with the workshop needs, the quality of the product to the higher level, has now developed into a more domestic scale manufacturer, have large-scale production workshop and staff living facilities.     diamond as a new product of social development, its wide range of uses, mainly used in jewelry category, clothing, footwear and other industries, and adds a new landscape for the busy urban life.     brand is the life of enterprise. The company now has "Theo" and "Shidian (Shi Dian)" two brands, plant area of more than 2 square meters. The production of Diamond Color: yellow crystal, white, brown, purple, pink, light blue, dark blue, peacock blue, lake blue, light green, dark green, Asaru, amber, black, transparent black, red, deep red.
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Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Jinhua City  Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China Yiwu Xingzhong District 8 Building 10 Building No. 2