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                                                Shanghai Zhuo enterprise is a professional design, professional production, sales work clothes, uniforms, tooling, factory uniforms, jackets, shirts, anti-static clothing the clothing company.         we mainly engaged in industrial and mining enterprises, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, electronics, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, government agencies, large and small enterprises and institutions of the occupation and work wear production and sales. Initially formed a foothold in Shanghai, radiation Yangtze River Delta, facing the organization system and business networks of overseas, has located in Songjiang Jiuting industrial zone production R & D base.         the company adhere to the business style and innovative design, unique excellence philosophy, through the accumulation and development, has been in the country has more than 300 of the company's products to the user.  such as NIVEA, VOLVO, IKEA, royal network, world granary, permanent shares, general machinery, Maple Automobile, China Southern Power Grid Company and so on, with a good brand image, particularly its strength go clothing industry in the forefront of the national labor protection.         the company's top planning and design ability to "enjoy" emerged; first-class sales network, so that the "enjoy" fly; first-class management, to "enjoy" full of vitality; first-class production, after-sales service, so that "enjoy" steadily expanding.                                
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Contact:   Zhang Jiaxiang
Addr:   Shanghai City  Songjiang District  Shanghai Songjiang Jiuting nine of the New Town Road No. 76 room 1104