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        Ningbo B Decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional display of props, special steel wood furniture production enterprise, is located in Ningbo city Yinzhou District east Qian Hu Zhen Jiu Zhai village industrial park, the transportation is convenient. Since the company was founded in six years, brought together a group of experienced designers, concept art of management personnel and skilled senior technicians, has a professional construction team of experienced, fully equipped, reasonable management system, and constantly enterprising, dares to innovate in order to win a wider market.
factory covers an area of 4000 square meters, planning in order, the wooden workshop, paint shop, metal workshop, packaging workshop, warehouse, finished products warehouse, advanced machinery and equipment, completely independently provide perfect customer service service of various kinds of metal, wood and props design, various combinations of materials processing, manufacturing, and construction site. Our company has always been to the quality and development, services for the market principle, by the Chinese and foreign customer recognition and affirmation, and established a good and stable business relationships, this also gives us more confidence to strive to do better!
        since the founding of the company to participate in special case: ELLASS, peacebird, SG, AIERNI, SV, G 'RSACA, Rentania, ELTENO, Fangle, R.SONG, GuBIZ, La  pargay, COCOON, BADINA, and other well-known brands, in each big market, and to process at home and abroad brand furniture enterprises supporting the production of hardware, exported to the world.
        here, over the years thanks to the friends from all walks of life and customers of the company's strong support, and welcome new and old customers to patronize and give valuable advice. We take "commitment, quality first, price reasonable, and thoughtful service" purposes, and strive to do better, provide better service for you.

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Contact:   Shi Honghui
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Ningbo  Ningbo city Yinzhou District east Qian Hu Zhen Village Industrial Park