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Shenzhen Gy radiation center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of high energy group. It is located at A4 building, 33 Zhenxing Road, carp River Industrial Zone, Gongming Street building village, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, near the exit of Longda Expressway Building. The center uses the 10MeV/20-25KW high energy electron accelerator irradiation device developed by GE technology. Its performance is up to the advanced level in the country, with accurate dosage, fast processing speed, and no breakdown working time up to 7000 hours per year. It can guarantee stable processing capacity. The center has well-equipped microbiological testing and Dosimetry Laboratory, strict quality control to ensure the quality of irradiation. The center has convenient transportation and convenient storage and logistics environment. Relying on first-class, experienced technical experts and operation team and perfect quality management system, the gamma ray irradiation center is dedicated to provide users with low-cost, safe, reliable, accurate, fast and professional irradiation disinfection and sterilization services. The processing range covers food, medicine, fruits and vegetables, health materials, health products, pet feed, chemical materials, etc. The advanced electron irradiation device, the high energy electron accelerator irradiation device with energy 10MeV/ beam power 20KW, has been built at the center of the gamma ray irradiation center. Its single processing capacity is equivalent to 1 million 350 thousand Curie cobalt source. The performance index is at the leading level in China, and the irradiation speed is several times that of the cobalt source. The Shenzhen radiation center is also the first high-energy electron accelerator irradiation center in Guangdong Province, which will drive the irradiation technology of Guangdong area to upgrade in an all-round way. A complete quality assurance system is established. The center has a complete laboratory for microbiological examination and dosimetry. Before the irradiation, the microbiological examination of the goods, radiation dose and process, and strict quality inspection and dose tracking after irradiation are made. All production processes are followed by ISO9001/ ISO11137/ISO13485 and other quality management system specifications to ensure accurate irradiation dose and safe and reliable irradiation products. A strong technical support team, the team has many successful experiences in the design and construction of 10MeV electron accelerators. All of our accelerators are designed, built and maintained by ourselves. We can fully guarantee the annual breakdown free time to 7000 hours, and provide stable processing capability for our customers. Rich operation and management experience, the team has more than 8 years experience in the operation of electron accelerator irradiation center, and has mature management processes and quality systems for all aspects of the process, production management and quality control of the Irradiation Center. National Service Hotline: 4000915899 18675512706 Fax: 0755-33183599 mailbox: customer service QQ:2925849789 1746279497 address: Shenzhen Guangming New District Gongming street village community, carp River Industrial Zone, 33 Xing Zhen Road, A4 building (near Longda Expressway village exit).
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Electron irradiation accelerator is a device for accelerating electrons to 10MeV by microwave field and irradiating by high-energy electron beam. The basic principle is as follows: the electron gun is injected into the accelerating tube, and the high frequency microwave power emitted from the power source is fed into the accelerating tube to form an accelerating electric field. When the accelerating electric field is left or right, the electrons are gradually accelerated to near the speed of light, and then are led out by the scanning magnet from the titanium window. All the acceleration processes of the electron are carried out under the ultra high vacuum. The electrons are accelerated in the accelerator to form an electron beam or an electron beam to bombardment high Z materials to form X rays, transfer their energy to the irradiated substances, produce radiation ionizing effects, release orbital electrons, form free radicals, etc., and control the irradiation conditions to change the physical and chemical properties of the irradiated materials, making them become new materials with special properties, or cause unrecoverable damage and destruction to organisms (microbes), so as to achieve the goals people need. This new processing technology is called radiation processing technology. Electron irradiation accelerator has been widely applied in the fields of irradiated food, sterilization, radiation and chemical industry. Its advantages and characteristics are: it can process continuously and rapidly, and single box irradiation takes only a few seconds. Most products can be irradiated without unpacking. The product has uniform absorbed dose, high dose rate and good bactericidal effect. It has no toxicity and no residue, and does not affect the original composition and quality of the product. Electron accelerators only rely on electrical energy to form high-energy electron beams. There is no radiation after shutting down, there is no problem of waste source treatment and so on, and there is no environmental pollution.
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