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Stone dozen stone _ stone dozen stone trousers industry national chain stores clothing company Brand
Business Model
Stone dozen stone trousers industry national chain stores clothing company, is one of the core brand strategy, focus on the trousers industry enterprises of the national brand. The company is set product development, manufacturing, development, integration of brand operation as one, after years of exploration and practice, with strong market innovation ability. Because the focus so professional.

the company since 2001 franchise situation on the market, has successfully covered, extended to Shanxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Tibet, Qinghai, Jiangsu and other domestic most first and second line city, inside the industry the tree made a professional and technical breakthroughs; to product quality stability; operating in good faith and development; a good example of achievement to contribute to the society.

the company based on people-oriented, customer first business philosophy, in the business being seek truth from facts "stone dozen stone" the management idea, now in the ebb and flow of the sea in a competition, using the modernized information management technology, combining the western culture with unique originality, and strive to the forefront in overnight, count every minute and second, the direct sales model of comprehensive the implementation of the production, marketing, one-stop service, on the other hand, the company still uphold deep inside, the oriental culture to emphasize consecratory, abandon the traditional virtue and allowing more profits to coordinate, coordinate development between unified consumer demand and the dealer interests. Give consumers a "stone dozen stone" products, to give dealers a "stone dozen stone" benefits............

believes that, in the majority of the elite of the sincere cooperation, we will work hand in hand with "stone" shock waves............

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Contact:   Manager Chen, Ye Xiaobai
Addr:   Shanxi  Taiyuan  Shanxi province Taiyuan City high-tech economy Industrial Park No. 1