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Guangzhou city Bangerfu shoe material Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
        Bangerfu shoe material Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, is a collection development, production, sales for the integrated enterprise, specializing in the production of rubber sole (piece, forming bottom), foam bottom, change the color of the bottom etc.. Strong technical force, the daily output of more than 60000.
    product selection of imported raw materials, the use of advanced production technology, strict quality management and strong technical force, to create first-class products. I plant products in appearance, wear resistance, cold resistance, tensile resistance of twists and turns, etc., in the peer leading level, long-term foreign brands, Teenmix, Staccato, really beautiful poem, Daphne, Hasen, AOKANG, red dragonfly, Baidu, Leonardo, richness, and other production products.
    I plant in a "Bangerfu" brand as the goal, persist in the pursuit of excellent quality, unique design, we firmly believe that "no demanding customers, only unqualified products", and strive to achieve the timely delivery rate of 98%, 100% customer satisfaction customer service.
    we have more demand, supply, we supply all kinds of rubber sole is excellent quality; we seek is that all types of polymer talent, all kinds of innovation to the market of professional technology and sophisticated management talent!
    I and the pursuit of excellence in the industry friends work together!  
Main Products
Rubber soles; high quality printing; plastic sole;
Contact information
Contact:   Yang Quanlin
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Guangzhou Baiyun District Longgui town 6 Village blue spike Avenue