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Ji'nan Guoqiao Chemical Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company is located in Shandong city of Ji'nan province gaijiagou Jiayuan chemical market, have a first-class technology development talent, high-quality management personnel, marketing personnel training and quality of construction team. Is the production of silicone products of professional manufacturers, the main products are: silicon oil defoamer series, series, series of waterproof agent, release agent, silicone rubber and plastic mold 107. Products of high technological content, stable and reliable quality, affordable price, good reputation, the best-selling. In recent years, companies in the technology innovation, brand strategy, product quality, market development, customer service and other services have been recognized by customers. The factory direct sale: 201 methyl silicone oil, defoamer series, silicone rubber, silicone mold, 107.
Main Products
Chemical products
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Contact:   Wu Guimin
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Ji'nan City, Ji'nan City, Li Shan Bei Lu Jiayuan chemical market