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Shanghai - Kang billiards Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai - Kang billiards Co. Ltd. (the former Shanghai ace billiard factory) is a professional production of international standard competition platform established manufacturers, products sold at home and abroad, well-known far and near. From 1985 start date, wedge Kang sporting goods Co. Ltd continuously with high quality products and perfect service system to thank the social from all walks of life friend. Shanghai - Kang billiard table provided by the company products are: international standard match English, American, fancy billiards table three series more than 20 varieties. Series of products factory production, variety, style diversity, can talent showing itself, renowned in the society, in addition to product quality, quality of finish, good with people, an important factor of good management is successful. The factory specializing in the production of international, domestic high profile British, American bluestone billiards table series, and a full set of accessories, and table tennis table, door-to-door service for cloth repair, reliable quality, complete product. The company perennial supply of Shanghai and the surrounding areas a billiard table series, the Shanghai area free installation commissioning, ultra low price make you beat all, welcome all over the country new and old customers call to order.
Main Products
A billiard table, table tennis table, basketball rack, table football, billiards fittings
Contact information
Contact:   Mo Jixian
Addr:   The city of Shanghai  The city of Shanghai  Shanghai Jiading District Jiangqiao town Cao Road No. 3286