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Shenzhen Dingtian Advertising Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
A friend is wealth "Shenzhen Dingtian television advertising company sincerely make friends. In the bigger, stronger, resource sharing Enjoy the idea, Shenzhen Dingtian television advertising companies hope that your company can become a friend. RoyalTek International Film and television companies, professional film and television production mechanism, powerful film execution, create a unique style of TV commercials, corporate videos for the customer. We not only have several sets of broadcast production equipment, also has the creative team to be a veteran in battle and the industry's leading post production mechanism, provide from the creative, shooting, post editing, animation packaging, dubbing music, sound synthesis to the plots of the output of the "one-stop" video production services. For customers in the expanding market, participate in the competition, promoting sales and so on, efficient dissemination of enterprise information, can fully show the advantages of enterprises, enhance trust, expand business opportunities; in contact, negotiation, bidding, exhibition and other business activities, the innovation of the enterprise image, quickly establishing good communication platform. Have a outstanding platform, strong support, we can achieve a new possibility, expect to cooperate! Professional services: corporate videos, TV commercials, TV shopping films, 3D animation, the clip package, large shooting, DVD batch pressing etc.. The strength of cast brand creativity and create the future of Shenzhen Dingtian International Film and television COM: Shenzhen RoyalTek International Film and television ADD: china. Shenzhen city Baoan Bao min road Platinum Hotel 3110---3109 China. Shenzhen city Luohu Yee King Road animation City Http:// TEL:0755 - 2974329629743121 FAX:0755 27855915 MOB:13714742910 contact: Liu Sheng Miss Luo 13554833658 The company business scope: professional planning expert group, the film and television advertising, corporate videos, enterprise feature, electric As radio advertising agency (Hongkong, Hong Kong, jade, Phoenix Chinese Baoan TV, Guangdong TV, Shenzhen 1---8 sets and the surrounding areas of advertising agent level)
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Television advertising and feature film production, radio ads, enterprise
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Contact:   Liu Hongping
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Baoan District Shenzhen Baoan Xin'an