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 Guangzhou Ming Du Hui Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model

There is a company in Guangzhou called Guangzhou city capital Hui Clothing Co., Ltd., founded in December 9, 2016, in fact, before the establishment of the company, men's clothing wholesale has been developing for many years, from the previous stalls to the company.

The main garments are men's upper and lower garments, including T-shirts, trousers, spring, summer, autumn and winter clothing. They provide millions of pieces of supply each season and provide a one-stop shopping platform for our customers to ensure adequate supply.

The company has its own brand, such as the battle wolf, Golan and Egsen. Beison Wolfgang positioned the fashion movement for men aged 16-45 years old. Golan's location is light business and leisure.

Brand: Bison wolves

Positioning: the popular style of youthful vigor, fashion, leisure and fashion movement.

Age: middle school students and middle school students

Introduction: the brand was born in May 2018. It belongs to the first brand of independent research and development under its name. Its own factory processing, fabric, production, design, and sales integration link, in order to better show the advantages, selling points, quality and technology of the products, all of its own professionals are personally supervised and checked by the factories, and the details are always followed up. After a year's sales test results across the country, the brand has been recognized by more than 90% dealers, and the replenishment rate has even reached over 95%, and word of mouth continues to ferment. High salary hired a well-known professional team design, according to the current mainstream market style positioning, design, version of the Standard Version, style simple atmosphere, public, wild, meet the needs of the public at present, suitable for various stores, shopping malls, electricity suppliers and other forms of sales, can be authorized.

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