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Business Model

Jian Fan clothing has always been adhering to the "rejection of mediocrity, challenging quality" business philosophy, firmly believe that nothing better, only better, always keep the goods at the forefront of fashion trends. But the price has dropped to low, only about ninety percent off of the original price, and the profit space is extremely rich. Looking at the current clothing sales, the shops are everywhere, tend to be saturated, and the discount women's wear shop has just started, really entering the market, the development space is very large, the profit is much higher than the franchised store when the goods are running at the same time. Our company has good cooperation with all the major brand women's clothing companies in the whole country, such as Zhuo Zi Qiao ya, riddle, Lai Er Jia, Karen poetry, Yin Mei Na, Sun Valley field, met the sky, love Bai, Dora Vera, hundreds of Leah, dream Shah Nu, Ji Se and other brand manufacturers have worked together for a long time, guaranteeing the supply of dozens of new products every quarter, letting your discount shop have new models every month, having new brands in the month and ensuring your sales profits is the necessary factor for the development of our company. The company adheres to the principle of doing business in real time and hopes to establish long-term cooperative relationship with customers. Welcome to inquire and visit Guangzhou in Yangcheng city. We believe that as long as we provide you with good products, you will be willing to cooperate with us for a long time. With mutual benefit and common development, with your support, you can create a glorious era of brand discount women's clothing.

Contact: Wang Lu

Mobile phone: 13352864566 WeChat No.

Tel: 020-31523203

Address: Guangzhou City Baiyun District Shijing Avenue self compiled Three Star Trading exhibition hall G building four, Jian Fan clothing.

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Company's business scope: brand discount women's clothing, brand stock women's clothing, second line brand women's clothing wholesale, discount women's clothing, foreign trade clothing wholesale, brand clothing wholesale and so on.

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Contact:   Wang Lu
Addr:   Guangdong   Guangzhou   4 floor, G building, 3 Xingguang exhibition and Trade Park, Guangdong Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong