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Shanghai fasxia International Exhibition First-Expo is a global textile exhibition service company specializing in textile fabrics and accessories worldwide. , Clothing, Clothing, Textile machinery and home Textiles International exhibitions There are mainly large-scale overseas exhibitions. Booth leasing, building decoration, exhibits transportation, International Exhibition and consultation, exhibition reception, Business expedition Visa service, etc. Through-train service ; We It has been established with many international famous exhibition organizers, domestic and foreign trade associations and embassies. Long term close strategic partnership, to promote the development of domestic enterprises' foreign trade as their mission, to provide professional, efficient and rapid exhibition and inspection services, and complete market consultation, image planning, publicity and promotion and other comprehensive support and services, to help enterprises better explore the international market. , We are committed to playing a bridge and role in promoting international trade.

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Overseas textile exhibition
Overseas textile exhibition
Overseas textile exhibition
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Contact:   Chen Ke Xun
Addr:   Shanghai   Shanghai   502, golden shield building, No. 3665 Hu Nan highway, Pudong New Area, Shanghai