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Business Model

Dongguan RongTai hat is a large hat making enterprise with design, plate making, production, cutting, sewing, ironing and packaging. In the past 23 years, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of friends from all walks of life, our business has been expanding and the scale of production is growing.

currently mainly produces and operates a variety of caps, such as baseball caps, advertising caps, sports caps, fishermen's caps, five caps, six caps, presidential caps, various promotional hats and various promotional hats and processing services, as well as computer embroidery chapters: embroidered embroidered, flat embroidered, cold embroidered embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, cut flower embroidery, lock stitch embroidery, cloth embroidery and towel Plush embroidery Toothbrush, shoulder, arm, police and so on. Since the founding of the society, the friends of all walks of life have been concerned and supported, the business is expanding, the production scale is expanding, with excellent quality and good service system for different industries, customers from different countries, we now have excellent design and cutting master, advanced sewing, embroidery and printing equipment. The formation, cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery or stereotypes, ironing, packaging and other complete product line to ensure production and delivery time to meet your needs.

we always unswervingly pursue the quality first, customer first business philosophy, with a sincere attitude, excellent quality, competitive price, for the majority of customers satisfied with the quality of production. Our

hat style complete, novel style: every year more than 2000 customers can develop a variety of new products, to provide customers with fast fabrics, accessories in the latest fashion elements and design.

certification is complete, quality assurance: we have passed SGS, CE, ISO9001:2000 and other international factory inspection and product certification.

experienced team, ensure the delivery date: senior business and design staff, very familiar with the brand from design and development to the whole process of shipping and distribution, to ensure the quality and delivery time!

if you are interested in our products, you can also submit the purchase information directly online. We will contact you in time. Willing to communicate with you in good faith and work together to create RongTai brand!

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Hats customization, hats processing, hat production
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