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Shanghai Fubin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a professional exhibition company with independent legal personality. It is a professional organization and professional service organization for large exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad. The main industries involved are food, beverage, wine, advertising, printing, gift, textile, health products, machinery industry and many other fields, providing a full range of participation and extension services for enterprises engaged in domestic and foreign trade, and always pursuing the business philosophy of "creating value for you with professional". Our company has a solid work A strong sense of service is gradually developing its own global service network around the world, China's major exporters.      

        Fubon company has now developed an "innovative and enterprising" elite team. Rich state is based on the success of the customer, always pay attention to the customer's needs, with the wise and professional planning and promotion and excellent quality service, strive to create an efficient exhibition platform for the exhibitors to promote the exhibition, expand the market, cooperate and exchange, ensure that every exhibitor can achieve the ideal exhibition effect. The company relies on Shanghai as the core, radiating the national exhibition network and strong economic strength and extensive and stable customer network, and develops rapidly at a high starting point. Maintain good cooperation with government departments and trade associations at all levels.

      in the spirit of "cooperation, enterprising, innovation and success", the company is willing to abide by the service tenet of "honest and pragmatic, customer first", and actively maintain close contact and cooperation with domestic and foreign trade organizations (Association, society, society, etc.), related media and professional groups, and strive to make the exhibition project " "Internationalization, scale and specialization", and work together to promote the prosperity and progress of China's exhibition industry.

management concept: Germany, He Weigui, rationale, product for the people

enterprise spirit: unity, struggle, realistic, innovation

service concept: your goal, my direction

enterprise purpose: CO casting eternal, deduct the future

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