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Guangzhou Shanu dress Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Shanu apparel is a professional brand discount clothing wholesale business, the company has 2000 square meters exhibition hall, and 3000 square meters of warehouse. The company's main products: brand clothing wholesale discount, discount brand, brand, brand clothing poop clothing wholesale, brand discount stores, discount goods, women go brand, clothing wholesale stocks. The domestic well-known brand goods: Gedi, ochirly, caitheiy, SHEN, Tuogu, inexplicable poems of Karen and ONLY, Europe E dark blue, at the beginning of 13, the international language exception, Elliot, Dayiyan, Karabey J, Danny, Akimizu Ito, Hua Baolai international, nano grain, YDG, Jiqiugu Seoul, Scarlett, Bei Yifei, Gefuni vey, pet woman, summer cypress, valley, sand, because feather international, notes, cards, dust color, sowing Yi Weini, Evan, Cecile, Qian Mu Lan, cocoa, Bai Shanv, Ding, Sanmiao, pear can only according to song, Caesar Bailey. Many brands, fast update, low price, good faith operation, unconditional package return, sincere cooperation with you, welcome to consult
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Contact:   Liguanbao
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  No. 68 Huangshi West Road, Baiyun District