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Dongguan Niu clothing accessories Co., Ltd. is welcome to you.

the company professional supply all kinds of garment accessories: metal spring buckle, metal rope buckle jeans buckle, alloy I-button, hanging tablets, metal hanging tablets, clothing decorative chain, alloy buttons, I-shaped button, snap button, feet, buttons, alloy pull card, alloy accessories etc.. Use quality to win trust.

your every consultation we will answer by heart, welcome to call, mail, QQ consulting, thank you!

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alloy electric: Wu Yifang: 0769-86080687

                  mobile phone: 18680433868

contact: Wu Yifang: QQ 280868668


Main Products
Clothing accessories, hardware accessories, buttons, handbag accessories
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Contact:   Wuhuafen
Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  No. 11, Jinhu street, West Lake, Shilong