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Beijing 1000 and Exhibition Co. Ltd. annual large-scale international exhibitions include: International Health Industry Exhibition, international organic food and green food exhibition, international wine exhibition, edible oil and olive oil exhibition, international food and Beverage Exhibition, international tea exhibition, international exhibition of oral health care. Various exhibition covers a wide range of fields, providing extensive space for exhibitors throughout the country and overseas exhibitors, and building a bridge connecting customers.
Beijing 1000 and Exhibition Co. Ltd. is willing to give full play to their own professional advantage, through their own hard work, serious and pioneering work, provide the most perfect service for customers. We sincerely hope that we can work together with you to make greater progress in the field of exhibition and conference.    
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Contact:   Liuanju
Addr:   Beijing  Beijing  Room 2, unit 1702, building 5, Jinhai international 21, Grand Canal Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China