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Located in Xiaping Village, the core production area of 7.5 square kilometers in Maotai Town, a well-known Chinese wine capital, Maotai Town, Maotai Town HanCham Liquor Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and produces more than 1,000 tons of high-quality Maotai-flavor liquor annually. Now it has more than 70 pits which fully meet the production requirements of Maotai Liquor Factory and produces high-quality bases annually. Wine 1600 tons, the company is now building 200 cellars, plans to requisition land in the core area of Maotai Town in 2014 200 mu plant area, and in the Maotai Valley to build a sorghum planting base of 5000 mu. The company's products are produced in the same way as Maotai in terms of raw material storage and blending. The quality of the products is very close to that of Maotai. More than 300 employees, is one of the top 10 liquor enterprises in Renhuai.

< P > The company not only has high-quality management personnel, advanced production equipment, long-standing traditional brewing technology, exquisite blending technology, but also has advanced high-tech quality testing equipment, testing level and testing means, so that product quality and service quality have a comprehensive guarantee.

< P > The company adheres to the belief of "quality for survival, integrity for development", and its brewing technology is self-contained, not secret. Elegant and delicate wine, mellow, harmonious, full, long aftertaste, empty cup fragrance long and comfortable, its unique style is deeply loved by all walks of life.

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Contact:   Liu Yu Long
Addr:   Guizhou  Zunyi  Maotai Town, Renhuai, Guizhou