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Business Model

professional brand discount clothing wholesale, brand franchise, first-class company strength, use discount outlets brand concept, has more than 10 branches: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Jilin, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Nanning, Changsha, through more than 10 years of operation, the company at home and abroad the second tier brand clothing manufacturers have established a good cooperative relationship!

dress: Gloria, Ke, Akimizu Ito, silk peacebird, high-grade fur, fur, clothing, Evan, a true confession, stupid, figger, nano grain, Patti show, Lavin Steen, Akimizu Ito, Han poetry, her figure, Ruili qiandaihe, the Indus, the same, still in Iraq, Si Ai Mei, Yi Xiu Su, she sang, Dikahin tower, Li, Miodor, ochirly, think, but, Bella, Ni DDB etc..

: Children's fairy tale, seashells, Tong Zi Wu    , the cat, happy, Gorman, Tong Ge Qiubi poem, and petty fan mosquito etc..  

: Septwolves Menswear, Qipai, Jiazi, zhuangjue and other men's business casual clothing, all are the primary sources of goods, are large shopping malls, counter!

      wholesale and franchise: according to brand clothing tag price of 0.5-1.8 fold, 15 from batch, can choose the company or into the Company album, according to the proportion of walk.

grace clothing attualmente fifteen branches, let you return to worry! Truly embody the principle of "service first".

      fine ladies, and white-collar workers, lovely young woman...... each women's wardrobe should have a grace, to create amazing achievements goddess, beautiful career, grace will build brand discount China brand discount base for more entrepreneurs to provide more products in the wide table!


Main Products
Clothing, shoes and hats, arts and crafts, gold and silver jewelry
Contact information
Contact:   Chuan Long Chuan
Addr:   Guangdong  Shenzhen  Longgang Dafen Village