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Beijing contemporary Union International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Brand
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International, domestic, comprehensive, professional exhibition hosted services include: exhibition planning, exhibition hall, selection and approval procedures to assist leasing,

exhibition, forums, conferences, festivals, opening ceremonies, conferences and other activities of the planning and implementation.

exhibition design, forum home court venue layout design, booth design, the opening ceremony of the stage design, design activities and related accessories series backplane design, such as documents, table sign, car card, invitation card, catalogue, brochure, handbags and so on; and in accordance with the design drawings or samples for the production, construction, printing, printing, printing.
for project organization counterpart the world's top 500 multinational investment company, the purchaser and other customers to project on-the-spot investigation.
- professional to develop service programs -- with focus on details of
- layout thoughtful do the service
- show host

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