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meixuan Jusco, is engaged in a long-term inventory of high-end brand clothing wholesale company. More than ten years, the United States Xuan Jusco staff always adhere to the "honest man, do something seriously the company newsletter, the strict requirements of each batch of goods according to the proportion of the original goods, adhere to the smallest randomly selected goods hanging plate, according to the proportion of display, to ensure that customers see the sample and the actual proportion of goods, the same style, by insisting on with more than ten years of efforts, the circle of peer recognition and trust of many customers.

"company to carry out strategic deployment of the nearest goods" from 2012 years, has opened a branch in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang and other capital city, and unified management, to ensure price transparency for goods, the customer site near the city to see the goods to provide a convenient, and reduces the logistics cost. In the future development of the company will also set up branch offices in other key city in order to achieve a win-win supply system.

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