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Business Model

Tao Pu is the first enterprise in the field of infant consumption to advocate the mode of store interconnection. It is committed to becoming China's largest infant industry operation platform. Tao Pu provides a solid solution to Internet based operation for baby brand enterprises, and realizes online and offline integration and cross-border industry integration in the infant consumer industry. It provides traffic flow, resource sharing and transaction services for baby brand enterprises, so as to build a digital baby eco circle and provide consumers with all-round services for localized consumption. After more than a year of operation, the innovative business model of tau Pu platform has basically realized the core indicators such as membership conversion rate, repeat purchase rate and retention rate based on the industry leading level, and has become the representative enterprise of the "new retail and new service" innovation and development mode in China's infant industry.

The company has been invested in angel, Pre-A and so on, and is in a period of rapid development. We look forward to your joining in the development of China's baby industry better and faster.

Main Products

Through its own APP and WeChat client, Tao Pu platform provides one-stop service to consumers, including children's shoes, baby products, educational toys, lathe trips and early training, parent child entertainment and baby service. As of March 2017, the number of merchants on the platform was over 200, with more than 250 brands and more than 700 stores. According to statistics, Amoy Pu has more than 100 thousand users in Shanghai area, and the sales volume of merchants who enter the platform has been greatly improved. In terms of activity resources, the Amoy platform has some cooperation with the Shanghai Youth Federation, the League committees of various districts and the streets of Shanghai and other government resources. In addition, cooperation with demorca consumer card, 1088 square, smart mother and other offline activities to help merchants to enter the promotion.

Contact information
Contact:   Market development manager Zong Chengtao
Addr:   Shanghai   Shanghai   Room 2321, No. 26 Guo Ding Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai