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 Harbin Mai Dian Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model

Harbin Mai Dian Garments Co., Ltd. is a custom made clothing design and production in Harbin, Harbin work clothes custom made, Harbin labor insurance clothing custom made, Harbin work clothes security clothing customized processing service company. Harbin Mai Dian Garments Co., Ltd. has a modern style of work clothes professional production enterprises. You need to order clothes, security clothes, and etiquette engineering clothes. T-shirts and so on can contact us. The tailor made in Harbin has 165170175180 sizes and styles. The Harbin Mai Dian Garments Co., Ltd. specializes in designing the costumes with corporate culture according to the needs of customers' corporate culture and CIS. It not only meets the needs of customers to highlight their own cultural tastes, but also provides more free service for customers. It not only provides customers with satisfactory image packaging, but also provides customers with more than expected value. It is the tireless pursuit of Harbin Mai Dian Garments Co., Ltd. to provide customers with cost-effective products and create a first-class Chinese professional wear brand.

Main Products
Work clothes, tailor made work clothes, Harbin custom made work clothes.
Contact information
Contact:   Zhou Yu
Addr:   Heilongjiang   Harbin   No. 557, Zheng Yi Road, Nangang District, Harbin