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Guangzhou city Xi Gong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of automatic screen printing machine, automatic roll to silk screen printing machine, IMD hot press molding machine, is the leading screen printing equipment and IMD/IML equipment (inlay decorative injection molding technology) manufacturer, has a professional R & D team, efficient production team, excellent sales staff, quick service team, is a research and development, production, sales and service in a new enterprise.

Our products include:
Automatic silk screen printing machine: automatic roll to roll screen printing machine, automatic membrane switch screen printing machine, automatic transfer film screen printing machine, automatic non-woven screen printing machine, automatic electrothermal film screen printing machine, automatic circuit board screen printer, roll label label printing machine.
Automatic screen printing machine is widely used in screen printing of PET, PVC, PC, non-woven fabrics, floor heating film, electrothermal film, transfer printing film, flower paper, flexible circuit board, thin film switch, trademark laser, nameplate, adhesive label, etc. the two point printing of the copper foil printed circuit board adopts three point positioning system. The laser positioning system is used in the reverse and overprint of the transparent film. The printing accuracy is as high as 3-5 silk, which is more suitable for the requirements of various industries.

The automatic Slitter is applied to the cutting of the coiled material.

IMD equipment series: IMD hot press molding machine, CNC 3D punching machine.

The hot stamping machine and punching machine are widely applied in our country, and the configuration is more suitable for the industry. The heating system of the molding machine adopts analog output, the temperature is more stable, the heating mode is the heating of the mold and the heating and reheating of the heating plate. The power system has two ways of hydraulic and gas-liquid dual power, and the equipment performance is more stable, which is suitable for all kinds of industries.

The company has a complete quality management system and standard production process, complete processing equipment, strong R & D capability, advanced technical support and strict production management system is our company's highest quality guarantee.

The pursuit of customers is the driving force for our progress. The suggestion of customers is the source of our development. Welcome friends to visit and guide us. Thanks to our peers and friends for their support. We will provide the best quality products and services to customers at the most reasonable price.

Main Products
Automatic roll to silk screen printer automatic silk screen machine IMD hot press machine, mobile phone curved film forming machine, mobile phone leather forming machine.
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Contact:   Zhu Bi Jian
Addr:   Guangdong   Guangzhou   1 buildings of Meng Du Mei Industrial Park, Shihu Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou