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Business Model
Guangzhou Payson shoe with

is a production and sales of high-end European and American men and women leather footwear company, has a strong production team and marketing team, the products are sold across the country footwear wholesalers, distributors and retailers. The company has been adhering to the "focus on the production, high quality, inexpensive, the service is supreme" the principle, praised by the majority of customers, in order to catch up with the now this resource sharing era. At present, the company in addition to the self production plant, through several years of efforts, and now owns a number of European and American high-end men's and women's shoes factory supply of goods. We invite agents to cooperate with you to win the world! Welcome to my WeChat qq:2251930763 to negotiate, without agency fees, primary sources, a national support on behalf of, true and effective! & nbsp; you can only have a smart phone OK! We micro channel circle of friends QQ:2251930763 every day update products making plans and agency price, you will forward it to your circle of friends / Taobao / twitter / blog / Mo Mo / space and so on, you orders, the goods on behalf of! A hair figure, two take goods, is so simple! A on behalf of, not hoard goods, zero inventory, excellent price of goods good, good shoes let relatives and friends together to share, every time through the micro channel: 2251930763 replaced new agent just one click reproduced fingertips will you bring decent income! WeChat

agency business procedures and information:

1, WeChat registered an account with your QQ account or

2, opened WeChat; WeChat set up their own basic information;

3, our products album pictures saved to his album space or circle of friends on the homepage of
4, copy or edit the text of the baby description and price promotion information sent to my circle of friends;

5, the WeChat signature can write: "buy WeChat XXXX shoes please add: XXXX, cost-effective route to go, love can be added to WeChat: XXXX", "to put the beautiful shoes in Europe and the United States are caught please, please add WeChat: XXXX"...... All kinds of advertising solutions, more sexy more to impress customers better;

6, you can know the micro channel promotion signal you, acquaintances outside the business as well as more as you can develop />
7, such as
8, for payment, WeChat can transfer or Alipay or by bank transfer, we only accept the payment and delivery.

9, on the delivery, we will provide you with confirmation after receiving the express order, to facilitate you to your clients, the rest is we arrange the warehouse distribution check to confirm the order and delivery;
10, />

11, a customer service is currently only for code does not change, no obvious quality problems do not bear the cost, does not affect the two sales as the premise, we will promptly arrange for code number in determining the receipt of the goods;

12, are all products contains regular tickets, small bags, dust-proof film.

Main Products
Specializing in the production of high-end men and women's shoes wholesale in Europe and the United States, the National Recruitment agents and micro business
Contact information
Contact:   Sun Sheng
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Baiyun District of Guangzhou