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Business Model
< p > Guangzhou Markham Garment Co., Ltd. uniforms customized: 020-28990978 and set uniform custom, T-shirts / advertisement unlined upper garment making, autumn and winter suit and staff clothing factory, Baiyun District T-shirt customization, Huadu engineering service uniforms and Panyu District Industry and trade garment factory clothing production and processing in one of the mourning apparel system service company. & nbsp; Guangzhou Markham clothing long-term foothold in the Guangdong service industry, radiation the uniforms and custom-made sustainable business model, engaged in work clothes for many years since, always operating in good faith, the pursuit of quality, sustainable management, sustainable service service tenet, has with a number of domestic small and medium-sized company established good clothing, custom relationship! < p > Markham clothing was founded in 2008, company is located in convenient transportation scenic Baiyun Mountain at the northern foot of the Baiyun District yuan Xia Tian Industrial Zone, where domestic and foreign Jia gathered, commercial atmosphere is very strong, garment industry in the industrial zone aggregation. Has a very good garment processing and production facilities. The company has uniform industry advanced garment equipment and skilled professional talented employees, Markham always adhere to the rigorous work attitude of employees, the company from the master plate - parking QC QC - high hot tail can set strict demands on themselves, and for customers to provide good quality clothing has laid a good foundation. Wan Jin clothing deep know to let customer satisfaction is my tireless pursuit of the goal.

company always adhere to the people-oriented, cooperative and win-win business principles.

welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to map, sample custom make all kinds of work clothes, also can be provided by our work service model case for your choice of custom

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An style=" color RGB (64, 64, 64); font family: Arial, Verdana, Arial, line-height: 18px; & quot; > Guangzhou Markham Garment Limited company (Guangzhou clothing) is a professional engaged in Guangzhou uniforms and custom-made, making T-shirt, T-shirt lapel, wind pressure collar bespoke shirts, engineering services customized, Science City professional customized wear, Baiyun District T-shirts, Huadu District staff uniforms, clothing factory work clothes, Huangpu employee coverall, Panyu District Industry and wear custom in one of the clothing company. Integrity management, trustworthy!
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Contact:   Wan Yuhai
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Baiyun District of Guangzhou City yuan Xia Tian Cong Yun Lu No. 810