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Good clothes multi brand was founded in 1998, is the clothing chain brand of Henan Tesco trade, and was registered by the State Trademark Office in 2000. Since its establishment, good clothes and multi brands have been operating in good faith, service first, innovation and pursuit of excellence. With the advantages of many styles, varieties, excellent prices and good quality, they have quickly occupied the market, fast fashion and leisure brands and many clothes, and have the leading fast fashion joint management mode. Since entering the Henan market, they have been popular and favored by the majority of male and female consumer groups.

Over the years, good clothing has been adhering to the enterprise mission of "advocating fashion ideas and leading fashion life". It firmly grasps the fashion development line and aims to make the best clothes become "the first clothing casual brand of the whole nation". It also takes China's largest fashion casual wear brand as the long-term development vision of the enterprise, and opens a new chapter of the national fashion, becoming a banner of the Chinese fashion industry.

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Business men's wear, business casual men's wear, men's wear, men's wear joint venture
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