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 Dongguan Baqing Trade Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Pak Ching Trading The team, the professional production line control personnel, the marketing elite and other relevant departments, provide the best quality service for the customers. The products are confident through the American Standard and the European standard test standard. The Yicheng computer knitting factory is our department's relationship enterprise. It mainly produces knitted shoe materials, knitted fabric, knitted fabric, knitted fabric, scarf, hat, finished shoes, processing and so on. It provides the most diversified and diversified service platform for the customers. The company's vision is based on the best quality, sincere service and positive innovation idea, so as to create a good foundation for mutual trust and mutual benefit between our customers and become the elite of the industry and serve the society. More than five years experience in shoe production and R & D, printing on shoe material, bronzing, hot silver and film. Deep processing has great potential in the industry. Beautiful life, we jointly interpret, brilliant tomorrow we create together!
Main Products
Sales: cloth, leathers, leather, clothing, shoes and hats.
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Xue
Addr:   Guangdong   Dongguan   No. 31 north, Houjie three Center Avenue, Dongguan