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Guangzhou Huanyou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a research, development and sales company affiliated to Taiwan Global Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Taiwan globe has 3 rolling production lines, 2 blown film production lines and 2500 tons output per year. In the past 15 years, it has devoted itself to the research and production of environmental protection materials, TPU film products, and has a deep understanding of TPU. Compared with conventional plastic materials such as PVC, EVA and Ding Ji rubber, TPU has not only environmental protection, non-toxic, mildew proof, antibacterial, wear-resistant, corrosion resistant and biocompatible properties, but also has excellent properties such as twists and turns, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and weathering resistance. With the enhancement of environmental awareness, the use of TPU will be more and more extensive. With its unparalleled advantages, it will become one of the mainstream environmental protection materials in twenty-first Century. In order to meet the market demand, our company has successfully set up a branch factory in mainland China in 2011. Our TPU film products are listed below:

(1) TPU films: polyester (ESTER) and polyether (ETHER). Among them, the polyester film has better heat resistance and chemical resistance, good air tightness, simple and easy processing, and is widely used to replace PVC film products for various uses. Polyether film has better water resistance and low temperature resistance, good anti mildew and good antibacterial properties, and is very suitable for aquatic sports products and medical products. It has different waterproof and breathable membranes (FUTEX), hot-melt adhesive film, high frequency film, blowing film, electroplated laser film and so on.

(two) TPU laminating cloth: TPU film and base cloth are treated by on-line casting and special laminating technology. After high frequency welding, it is extremely resistant to impact and compression.

(three) hot melt adhesive film: TPU hot melt adhesive film adhered to various materials.

All products were tested by SGS, heavy metal and o-benzoic acid two, which conformed to European environmental standards.

1. thickness range: 0.012mm-3.0mm

2. hardness range: 60-95 Share A

3. width: 1000mm-1500mm

4. film color: transparent, foggy, milky white and colored can be customized according to customer's sample.

5. the processing mode is suitable for high frequency (high frequency) welding, ultrasonic melting, needle car, hot pressing, etc.

6. pre processing of TPU film surface is required when printing special processing. TPU ink is recommended for printing.

7. the surface of the film can be printed, embossed, electroplated, flocked and so on, so that all kinds of new products can be developed.

8. the film does not contain plasticizer, it will not produce wax or powder problem, resulting in surface dew.

Our company always adheres to the tenet of "quality first, customer first, honesty based", in order to win customers' long-term support and continuous trust.


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TPU film; composite fabric; hot-melt adhesive film; waterproof breathable film; oil film; TPU embossed film; TPU electroplating, color changing, 3D; special purpose TPU film; TPU printing film; TPU transparent film; colored TPU film; fog surface / frosted TPU film; TPU medical film; TPU bag handbag film; shoes shoes film; gas film; food grade film; keypad / cell phone laminating; sports equipment film.

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