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 Shanxi Heng Shi Zijin Valley Commercial Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanxi Heng Shi Real estate is the five hundred largest enterprise in zygomatic estate, and its purple gold Valley business project is one of the key projects in recent years. The project runs across the North Street of Pro Xian, the south side of Changfeng street, the West and East Binhe Road, and the east to Pingyang road. Guard the long wind bridge, occupy the most valuable long wind - Pro Xian business circle. It is adjacent to Changfeng culture business district, South high tech Zone and North Wang Nan inner ring business circle. It only takes more than 10 minutes to drive the riverside road from the city to the airport and the south railway station through Longcheng street. Changfeng Street East to East Ring Expressway, West Link West Ring Expressway, the upper speed only takes 10 minutes. The purple Segotep project is the first fourth generation commercial ensemble in Shanxi established by Taiyuan real estate company. It integrates shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment as a whole, so that Taiyuan sales people really enjoy the pleasure of experiential shopping. It is equipped with a 5A level intelligent office building with 30 levels of Sunken Plaza, opposite to Pingyang Jingyuan, a large commercial community in Shanxi. Geographically located in the heartland of Pingyang's three business circle, it is the new landmark of Taiyuan in the future.
Clothing items now require high visibility, high grade, can be opened to the street shops, one can be two or flat, from 100 to 500 square meters are all right, interested can telephone.
Main Products
Shopping malls, department stores, catering, entertainment, etc.
Contact information
Contact:   Hao Liang
Addr:   Shanxi   Taiyuan   Intersection of Pro Xian Bei street and Pingyang Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi