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Zhejiang Jiaxing Chuang exhibition Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider of research and development, application and information technology management consulting solutions focusing on intelligent system integration, enterprise information management system. It is committed to applying advanced technology such as RFID (radio frequency identification) to the field of garment production management, combining with the information software system, leading the fashion industry innovation trend in twenty-first Century, leading the garment production enterprises to the leading intelligent and automatic management technology and improving the efficiency of the factory. "High quality is the life of an enterprise". The company has top talents in the domestic information industry and many management systems development engineers with rich experience in the industry. It always grasps the development trend of domestic industry and grasps the advanced frontier development technologies. The software team is becoming a powerful technical support for China's IT industry. Relying on the most perfect technology management expert team and experience of Jiaxing Chuang exhibition software in the field of domestic garment industry, we also provide excellent service to our customers in terms of professionalism, focus and specificity. Creative software has a perfect service system, including pre-sale consultation, product application and after-sale technical support, and provides professional, comprehensive services and technical support to customers based on the radiation of the branches and service centers throughout the country, building long-term partnership with customers, helping enterprises build management platform, accomplishments of international enterprises, and building an integrated information management service company of garment industry. Our service objective: personalized service, we will do better and more suitable for the actual needs of enterprises.
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Contact:   Mr. Xiao Wen
Addr:        1 1101, Lingyun building, Chunxiao Road, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang