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 Shenzhen Cheng TEDA technology development Limited Liability Company Brand
Business Model
Founded in 2009, it is a high-tech enterprise devotes itself to the R & D, sales and service of the next generation of communication products. It has the license of value-added telecom services issued by the Ministry of industry and telecommunications and the telecom call center platform covering the whole country. It has provided communication services for nearly more than 300 enterprises in the industry. At present, the main customers are: China Southern Airlines Group, Ren Ren Le group, Poai medical group, modified medicine, Baidu (China), Alibaba, Jalan mattress, Haida Decoration, etc. The company's products are committed to combining traditional communication services with advanced cloud computing to create a new unified communication marketing service platform. The products include 400 telephone, virtual call center, voice screening number, voice group calling, voice anti-counterfeiting system, network fax and so on. The company has an elite R & D team and has independently developed several sets of external call system and voice value-added service platform. The company's development strategy is based on Shenzhen, developing Guangdong, serving the whole country, in five years, has fifty thousand customers, the market share ranks first in Guangdong Province, and the scale expands to 500 people. The ultimate goal is to become the country's leading integrated communications service provider.
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Contact:   Mr. Wang Kui
Addr:        Zhun Tao science and technology building, min Zhi Road, Longhua 705