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The public stereo grating material factory is a company specializing in the production of three-dimensional grating materials. Our company provides all kinds of three dimensional membrane materials, such as cylindrical lens grating, stereo slit grating, plate solid grating, sheet solid grating, the most advanced three-dimensional software, and the most exquisite three-dimensional technology. In order to promote the development of the stereoscopic industry, the 2008 edition of the three dimensional tutorials and the 2008 edition of the stereoscopic software have been published by the powerful team of the three dimensional science and technology. Welcome friends from all walks of life to come to order (stereoscopic software 2008 edition, three-dimensional course 2008 edition, various raster materials, erect painting, three-dimensional decorative painting, etc.).
Since its inception, the state solid grating material factory has been developing steadily step by step in the past year. At present, large format ad Bragg grating materials, special grating materials for wedding photographs, stereo stereo grating materials, stereo material and cards, card cards, and special materials for tickets have been developed.
The reason why the solid state grating material factory can develop new stereoscopic materials annually and achieve better economic benefits is that the company leaders attach great importance to market changes and product development. Under the current fierce competition in the market economy, the company leaders have a strong sense of market anxiety. They think that enterprises can not get benefits without special products, do not strengthen product development, stick to old products and old faces, and are likely to be eliminated. Therefore, the company has established a strong technology development center, and has hired several experts and professors as long-term technical advisors. According to the trend of three-dimensional development, aiming at leading domestic and international advanced efforts, it has devoted itself to developing various kinds of stereoscopic materials. In 2004, the advanced mold technology and injection equipment were introduced into the United States, and the latest transformation stereoscopic manufacturing technology, three-dimensional dynamic, stereo transformation manufacturing technology, three-dimensional rotation and stereo scaling technology were developed on the basis of original stereoscopic image technology. The three dimensional grating material factory has sold hundreds of thousands of square meters of raster material this year, and has successfully exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Russia, North Korea, Japan, Malaysia and the Middle East.
The development of the public solid grating material factory has not forgotten to repay the society. Under the impetus of the state solid grating material factory, Hebi has gradually developed into the largest production base of grating materials in China, and has made great contributions to the economic development of Hebi. The public stereo grating material factory also faces the nationwide free training stereoscopic technology, helps many people to embark on the road of becoming rich, and many technical personnel in the domestic stereoscopic industry come from this.
Note: the solid state grating material factory is now recruiting agents all over the country.
Public advice: investment in three-dimensional projects must be inspecting regular and qualified manufacturers.
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Contact:   Zhang Zhiguo
Addr:        No. 281 Li Yang Road, Qi Bin District, Hebi, Henan