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 Guangzhou Clipsal fabric trading company Brand
Business Model
Thanks to the support of people from all walks of life, our company has formed a large domestic and foreign trading company in the textile industry. Have their own style, strong purchasing power, competitive strength of the opponent, the purchase of large scale, wide range. All the year round, we purchase cash in stock and inventory backlog. We list it as follows: knitted fabric, woven fabric, lithium cloth, silk, denim, chemical fiber cloth, weave cloth, single jersey, elastic cloth, printed cloth, children's clothing, coat, windbreaker, cold proof coat, underwear, trousers, toy raw material, shoe material, manufacturer's surplus fabric, selling surplus fabric, inventory clearing, warehouse bottom cargo and other kinds of backlog textiles. It is not limited to product specifications, quantity and packaging, and can be priced at a low price. How to buy: cash transactions, rice count, weight, number or warehouse position. Thank you from all walks of life for the support of our company. We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to cooperate with us. Work together to develop the market. Clipsal creates brilliance together with you!
Main Products
Our company is interested in textile circles all over the country. We hope to cooperate sincerely with you!!!
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Ping Rong
Addr:   Jiangsu Province   Wuxi   Room 504, 12 new village, Rong lane, Wuxi