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Wansheng door industry (Xiamen) branch Brand
Business Model
Wansheng door industry is a professional production enterprise, rapid door, rapid rolling door is a modern plant purification workshop effective protective door, specifically for industrial workshop, import and export of blown sand and air conditioner barrier, logistics the frequent and rapid opening and closing, enhance efficiency and increase the environmental quality of the design and manufacturing, the main products are: fast shutter doors, industrial fast lifting door, remote control garage door, transparent soft curtain, insect soft door curtain, dustproof soft door curtain, transparent soft plate, cold storage PVC special anti-static curtain, curtain, table pad.
Main Products
Xiamen: automatic rolling door access control
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Wang
Addr:   Fujian Province  Xiamen  Haitian road Fujian market Huli District Export apartment No. 1-2