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Guangzhou Qingyang Textile Garment Co. Brand
Business Model
Enterprise introduction Guangzhou City Qingyang textile and Garment Co., Ltd. is a set design, R & D, production, domestic and foreign trade, sales network for integrated garment brand company. The company in 1997 established since ten years from simple production and processing gradually grow with design, production, research and development capabilities and have the independent brand vaicross (Wei Gaussian), strong comprehensive enterprise, it is located ranked first in the four famous Chinese cowboy town, Guangzhou city Xintang Town. In recent years, the company continues to maintain the growth of foreign trade sales, the domestic network marketing is also gradually increasing investment, and to create an independent brand vaicross. (Wei Gauss) with more fashion, the quality of better products, "equipment" people. The company now has a total of design team, network sales team, production and development team, production management team and production staff of nearly 400 people. It has laid a solid foundation for brand building and production.
Main Products
Clothing production, research and development, sales.
Contact information
Contact:   Yang Sheng
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou City  Zengcheng Xintang Town, Guangzhou Town, South Village, South Road, No. 12