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Changzhou to Beijing freight special line 0519-88022076 Brand
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        - Yaobang Logistics Company Limited
Company owned van, delivery vehicles 11. Large trucks 20 department, warehouse area 1500 square meters, can provide free storage for customers.
the company to improve the intensive network, safe and reliable operation to provide you with the most professional line of freight service. Prior to delivery, we provide you with detailed and thoughtful consulting services, transport, we provide you with timely and accurate cargo tracking, delivery, we provide the most safe and fast delivery for you.
COSCO Yaobang Beijing line has the confidence to the solemn promise to you * * * * in Changzhou City, Hutang, Tianning District, University City, the new North District, 1 hours after phone call in the home delivery; home delivery within 2 hours in other parts of Changzhou after phone call. Beijing whole area 40 hours of goods to services. The service from the professional, confidence comes from strength!
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Contact:   Mr. Pan Jie
Addr:       China Jiangsu Changzhou Pan Jie