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Business Model
The HM series (health type) relies on the three major designs, which design itself around the health concept of men's private parts, and also reflects the three-dimensional spatial properties of men's underwear. The fabric is imported from Austria Lenzing (Modal). The high wet modulus cellulose regenerated fiber is known as the natural skin of the human body in twenty-first Century. Sahlman's free underwear has raised the grade of traditional men's healthy underwear to another level.

Three major designs:

1. the "semi elliptical protuberance" independent spatial structure. The proper design of the external genital part ensures that the penis is in a state of natural comfort and free from oppression. Even if you are on the seat, squatting down or underwear is raised, through the three-dimensional structure, underwear can guarantee the maximum size of the three-dimensional structure without deformation, so semi elliptical protrusion can always maintain your genitals free, dry and breathable.

2. the "hanging base" capsule does not hang down the physical structure, its design significance is how to better protect the scrotum, the main role is to keep the scrotum cool, low temperature and blood flow patency. The suspension base is designed loosely and freely in the scrotum area, and it is supported by the bottom and bottom structure to support the free scrotum while avoiding scrotum sagging. For healthy people, the scrotum is always in the best physiological position. It is a gospel for patients with varicocele. It is well known that the excessive droop of scrotum will aggravate the sexual function and reproductive ability of the patients. Therefore, the free underwear also has the functions of underwear and the testosterone belt.

3., the three-dimensional dynamic design of the "movable link" is three-dimensional and generous, with masculine lines. In the course of walking, the swinging pull of the three-dimensional ring line enables the modal natural fiber to massage the skin, feel more comfortable and comfortable, bring you more confidence and bring you new enjoyment.

Top fabrics:
A new generation of imported raw material Austria Lan Jing Modal

Process features:
Application of close stitch sewing technology -- edge stitching with high stretch yarn with high elasticity and durability.
Vacuum packaging of private products - to avoid the unhygienic factor of circulation process, it completely belongs to you.
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