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Yiwu natus Agel Ecommerce Ltd Brand
Business Model
        Yiwu city region of Agel Ecommerce Ltd, is a electronic commerce abundant practical experience of the elite talents team. Our mission is to "let the world is not difficult to do network"; service covers basic technical services and e-commerce enterprises managed the overall planning design etc..
A, basic technical services include:
shop product photography, design, decoration shop template Taobao shop decoration and the campaign page planning design.
two, the enterprise electronic commerce overall managed:
whole managed against some want to do online and electronic commerce but didn't have the energy to the operation and management of the electronic commerce business, we can the whole intrusive operation managed, from basic services, marketing, operation service, Outsourcing Managed four aspects to provide full service. Phone 13575908808    QQ:2687002881
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Contact:   Mr. Guo Rui
Addr:       Zhejiang Yiwu City, Yiwu China embroidered Lake Road 135, two floor