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 Shanghai Mei Li Garments Co., Ltd. garment rental Department Brand
Business Model
The company's Taobao stores, which include the production, rental and sale of national costumes, ancient costumes, costumes, costumes, dance costumes, cartoon costumes, professional clothing and school uniforms, is a comprehensive clothing company. This shop displays some clothing for the company. If customers have special needs, they can directly contact our customer service or Shanghai meali Garments Co., Ltd. customer service QQ, telephone and other contact methods, welcome customers to contact us anytime, negotiate business!
Relatives in Shanghai can choose directly from the company address.
Contact: Linlin
Tencent Q Q:286636899 670496282
Mobile phone: 13816177907 15821477669
Contact number: 021-58441291 6155990461554004
Company website:
Address: room 2502, PUFA Plaza, room 2502, building 3, 1655 lane, Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District, Shanghai.
Address: room 702, building 1, 1880 lane, Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai (WAN Bang city garden, close to the New International Exhibition Centre)
Statement: the clothing price of the current logo is the rental price. As the inventory changes rapidly, customers who need a large number of purchases should contact the company to discuss the customer service details, confirm the type of clothing, quantity and time required in advance, and the manufacturer can customize your clothing for your customers.

It is hereby stated that: because of many reasons, there is no way to label postage for rental garments. Please forgive me.
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Contact:   Mr. Li Qian
Addr:        Room 702, building 1, 1880 lane, Pudong, Longyang Road, Shanghai, Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China