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 Zhongshan Shaxi Town Pine and cypress uniform uniform factory Brand
Business Model
Zhongshan professional clothing production company is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of casual wear series and all kinds of professional clothing. The company is located in Shaxi, a famous leisure clothing town in China. It is a factory specializing in the design and production of professional clothing. Products include: (1, security clothing, engineering clothing, factory clothing, shopping malls; 2, government agencies, banks, hospitals, doctors' clothing, school uniforms; 3, dust-proof, fire prevention, anti static, anti radiation, oil and water repellent and other special functional clothing; 4, advertising aprons, advertising wind clothing, advertising T-shirts, advertising wind caps, coloured flags, prize flags, jackets, non-woven bags and other products. 5. summer work clothes, summer clothes, summer work clothes, summer professional wear, summer work clothes, work clothes, summer work clothes. Winter work clothes, winter work clothes, winter clothes, winter work clothes, winter work clothes, winter factory clothes.  
Our clothing will be based on customer service, backed by technology, survival by quality and development by reputation. Our company has many modern production lines, and a group of excellent professionals. In 2000, we have produced 50-60 knitted garments and 180-200 knitted fabrics. The equipment is complete, the technology is advanced and the management is perfect. It has established a good cooperative relationship with more than 500 units and enterprises at home and abroad, and has been well received by customers. In the future, our company will continue to make efforts to innovate, keep forging ahead and develop more products. As always, I sincerely serve you and add luster to your dress. Enterprise tenet: people-oriented, continuous innovation is not the biggest, but the most sophisticated enterprise commitment: the same quality, than the price of the same price, quality.
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Contact:   Mr. Tan Sheng
Addr:        Zhongshan, Guangdong, China Zhongshan city Shaxi town Pang tou