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Shandong Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. is set up in 2003. It is a large professional kitchen
mechanical design and installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance, consulting service, personnel training, and accessories sales as one body of various kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, commercial kitchen equipment and so on. Service agencies. Since the establishment of the company, the business has developed rapidly. It has formed one of the professional machinery and equipment service providers based on Ji'nan,
Shandong, the large scale of the industry, the most complete facilities and the broadest range of service. Address: the large scale of management in Henan, Hebei, and other provinces and cities, more than 100 projects provided, covering the office, the
shopping mall, the hotel, the supermarket, the school and other fields.   the company pursues the business tenet of "trustworthiness above, customer supremacy, professional for the soul"
enterprise culture of "integrity, self-discipline, cooperation and win-win", and based on the service of professionalization, shortcut, and protection of
the trust and support of the broad masses of users and partners. Since the founding of the company has been adhering to the "receive
(the second ring) question telephone, two hours to the problem scene in two hours" and other commitments, high standards, strict
to ask for every employee. At this point, through the unremitting efforts of all the employees for many years, the company has made great progress.
has won the extensive recognition and high reputation of the society, the users and the partners, and has become the
br / > Shandong Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. of the Shandong mechatronic equipment maintenance. It was created in 2003,
registered capital 20 million. Now it has developed into a comprehensive enterprise which integrates design, research and development, production, sales and maintenance, and has professional thoughts and industry experience for
our company specializes in providing refrigeration equipment, bright display equipment and so on for large supermarkets, providing kitchen equipment and professional commercial kitchen solutions for chain hotels, star
Hotel and so on. And with good and reliable
reputation and professional after-sale service, it has won the wide approval and support of the customers.
Shandong Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.   engineering kitchen equipment
supermarket     hotel supplies    
stainless steel products
cold equipment; energy-efficient open water; livelihood; distributor; maintenance; maintenance; maintenance;     telephone: 15666668259      address  :
contact of Chengfeng bridge in Ji'nan City: Zhen can
telephone: 0531-68811260      QQ452979090  e-mail / > production / > production of kitchen and smoking equipment in Shandong. Sales and installation of   Shandong Hotel smoke exhaust equipment sales.
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Contact:   Mr. Zhen Manager
Addr:       Shandong, China Ji'nan, Shandong province Ji'nan City Central District, 34-10, Xing long market