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 Beijing clothing and tribal Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Product Name: Assault clothing
Product Description: waterproof and windproof, smooth touch, velvet liner, cuff magic sticker.
Product material: Nylon flash bias.
Product color: Pink
1) importing equipment, quality assurance, fast shipment and low price.
2) environmental protection yarn, products meet the production requirements through environmental testing.
3) provide free design of garment effect diagram to maximize product value.

In 2013, the new women's clothing is fashionable, the price is favorable, and the embroidery printing production enterprise Logo,

Our company has a large number of cash supply, customized short sleeved Lapel T-shirt, short sleeved shirt, advertising shirt, polo shirt, long sleeved T-shirt, cotton T-shirt, Hooded Hoodie / sweater, zipper Hooded Hoodie / sweater, round neck sweater, super light, lightweight functional clothing, medium style assault clothing and so on. There are many varieties and colors, and the style is novel.
It can be printed according to the needs of customers, such as T-shirt printing (screen printing, thermal transfer, pad printing, convex printing, offset printing, etc.), T-shirt embroidery (flat embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery).

Welcome all major enterprises and institutions to customize, customize and offer more concessions.
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