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Foshan 2012 bamboo fiber towels and towels are customized (consulting QQ250014384918632125071 week manager, QQ153593703915232168622 Valley manager), for bamboo fiber towel prices, Huan Jing bamboo fiber towels as Hebei towel big brand manufacturers, the geographical environment is very good, close to Tianzhu quasi fiber yarns production base, the price has the advantage, the source of goods is guaranteed. In the face of the new global competition situation, Huan Jing will continue to vigorously implement the brand development strategy and science and technology innovation strategy, striving to build "international famous brand and strong industry enterprise" and "create the first brand of towel industry in China", striving to be a category representative of Chinese towel industry, and achieve the vision of "first class home textile enterprise and tree Centennial world brand". Bamboo fiber towel factory, medium and high grade towel, custom towel, wholesale towel and bath towel.
Huan Jing, a famous brand towel in the whole country, has always been an excellent word-of-mouth for twenty years. Huan Jing brand towel is produced by Yonghong towel factory in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Hebei is the base of yarn. Yonghong towel factory has its unique resource advantages. The towels woven are superior towels, 100% bamboo fiber towels, 100% pure cotton towels, Xinjiang cotton is adopted, the quality is very pure, no adulteration and no fraud, so in the past twenty years, it has been a good reputation in the whole country and overseas markets, and has many years of cooperation with many famous enterprises, and tens of millions of orders a year.
Our factory adheres to the business philosophy of "quality based, service oriented and customer satisfaction". In line with the spirit of "unity, integrity, pragmatism and innovation", we support the development of science and technology with the support of high technology and realize the rapid development of production and operation.
Gift towel is made of Huan Jing towel.
1. price: the specific price is determined according to the quantity, content and LOGO size.
2. fabric and technology: selected high-grade bamboo yarn and combed cotton all custom made plain, plain weave, jacquard, printing, embroidery, cut pile, spiral, satin file, twistless towel custom made;
3. quality: custom-made: Embroidery: high speed computerized embroidery machine, with clear lines, high precision, silk screen, computer jacquard, and so on. The design is soft, breathable and natural.
4. colors: neutral, white, yellow, orange, pink, light blue, green, light powder, light blue, light green, etc.
5. do the quantity: embroider the 100 to make (plain towel);
Foshan 2012 bamboo fiber towels, towels made
Foshan 2012 bamboo fiber towels, towels made
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Contact:   Ms. Zhou
Addr:        Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China Ping An street, 26, 2 units, 2002 rooms