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Shenzhen Fu Li Hua furniture factory: 83921438. was founded in 1990, is registered by the Shenzhen industry and Commerce Department of sofa sofa repair, sofa repair, repair factory, is also the earliest, most professional, the most formal sofa made, sofa repair skin replacement manufacturers.
With the rapid development of Shenzhen and the demand of the market, since 2000, our factory has introduced the sofa leather changing and sofa maintenance project to the market with its rich classics and first-class handwork.
Business scope (family, company, unit) sofa refurbishment, sofa repair, repair seat collapse, sofa leather changing, sofa sofa changing, sofa sofa changing, sofa sofa leather changing, tea sofa sofa skin changing, KTV sofa, wine bar sofa, beauty salon sofa, hairdressing sofa chair, leather chair sofa for leather, sofa sofa for skin and cloth, Restaurant Chair sofa for leather and cloth, office sofa, chair maintenance and leather changing, class chair maintenance and skin changing, family dining chair maintenance and skin changing, seat changing leather, sofa for sponge, sewing thread, leather sofa cleaning, and so on.
Note: all customers who make sofa changing skin and sofa repair in our factory have warranty, and make different warranty according to different maintenance or leather replacement. (non human) for one year, two years. This will make customers feel comfortable. Buy reassurance. With the demand of the market, many bag factories also play the Title of "furniture factory".
The factory sends free charge to the customer to pick up (leather or cloth) to pick up the customers, to correct the correct and correct maintenance plan for the customers, and the specific price depends on the actual situation. The purpose of the service is to provide a warm and friendly service atmosphere with a warm and meticulous service attitude.
Regular registration of manufacturers is your reassuring choice. Website:.Http://
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Contact:   Ms. Chen Fei
Addr:        Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Futian District Futian District 124 North Village