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 Guangzhou whisper dress Co., Ltd. Brand
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Women's leather bags, wallets, wallets, wallets, women's bags, women's bags and so on. Guangzhou whisper dress Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive professional women's bag production and sales enterprise based on Guangzhou, radiating the whole country and even around the world, devotes itself to design, development, production and sales. In order to comply with the market trend and consumption trend, the company has been adhering to the development technology and production experience of brand women's bags for many years, aiming at the consumption personality of young and fashionable urban women, organizing the most advanced technical force of the company, and launching the [secretime/ whispering space] brand leather women's bag. The whispering space is dominated by casual fashion. In the style and color, it avoids the overripe and steady leather bag, and realizes the bold attempt and practice of elegance and leisure fashion. With exquisite hardware.
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Contact:   Miss Zhang
Addr:        No. 5, three yuan street, three li Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong 201