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Shenzhen Wen Kerr clothing trade row Brand
Business Model
Shenzhen "the Kani" premium brand ladies discount chain organization, professional wholesale, domestic and foreign famous brands, brand discount women. Chengzhao ladies discount stores. The spirit of women's brand ultra low-cost supply. No inventory & nbsp; "the Kerr" discount women's free image. Free initial fee, free margin, 100% cross season replacement zero risk join. Million in international and domestic first-line boutique brand women's strong combination! (Brand: BCBG, coast, Burberry, Chloe, 3.1, shadow, saint. Fashifeier, sea Pavilion, the sky, dgvi, Hong Kong Research Lin, Han Yi etc.) supply only 0.5 to 1.5 fold. And commodity brand retail price for two hundred yuan to several thousand million yuan. Cut goods and the brand listed at the time of the shortest only 20 days, compared with the original brand, inexpensive, ultra low discount, with a strong competitiveness, so as to achieve low investment returns! We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to join hands, and you hand in hand, create brilliant! & nbsp; also can be wholesale, appropriate to join, first purchase 10000 yuan join in namely can enjoy 30% cross season replacement. At the same time, free to join fee and security deposit.   the company also set up a wholesale department, twenty pieces from the batch, pick a code, the amount of large favorably, but also to take delivery.
Another ten thousand pieces of high-grade brand summer 19 yuan loss clearance.
Company website: http//  online qq:101012662  799612097 telephone: 0755-28885109, 13246614166  contact: Miss Wen, the company address: Shenzhen, Buji Town Industrial Zone C 5 buildings (BYD South and the back of the store, the bus station Pearl Garden Station to & nbsp; & nbsp; < br >
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Contact:   Miss Wen
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangdong  Buji South Industrial Zone C building five floor 4S' BYD repair station 'Pearl Garden Station to get off